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    Astrobelts is a pop diddy that's straight to the point with no unnecessary chaser. Delivering supanova sounds via a catchy hook and heavy bass riffs is what makes this track a hitter Barry Bonds like. No stero...

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This spitting from penciling
Poetic dichtom(y)
Musical composition is like an herbal physician
Botanical prescriptions for healing
The indigo bio-metrical laser for medical lenses
Chiropractic Cataract Vision into high definition
We're on the brink of extinction the conflict catalyst flu experiments
Will intelligence end the tale in apocalypse?
Self ordain Solomon with a GOD-complex in this earth that spin
But a man who makes trouble within His home shall inherit the wind

We gonna rock you like Astrobelts
Cause your universe to collapse on itself
This is something that you never have felt
Like the coming of 2012
Like ahh ooh
This vinyl's Astro
12 inch round turntables
This vinyl’s Astro

It's like we are Cain dwelling in the land of Nod
Ear lopes probed with electric rods
In Bio nary pods to charge this Microsoft Wizard of OZ
Adams (Atoms) that shuttle jog from the analogue voice of GOD
Eating apples from tree of gigabytes(bites) in the garden of Macintosh
This 1984 big brethren pharmaceutical gel tans
3 meals in a pill Jetsons from Jefferson
We swing to evolve through Darwin's monkey bars
But its evident it's death of the Homo
Birth of the Robo-sapien surrogates


from SPEAKERS IN BLACK HOLES, released October 16, 2010



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PhotoSynthesizers Richmond

PhotoSynthesizers by definition are any organisms that use light to cultivate energy. We've embodied that definition and have become “the light in sound”. We create an energy that is undeniable by using natural and industrial components to foster a visual and auditory experience that is both unique and powerful.
Rooted in Rock, Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B and Pop sounds.
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