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    An inspirational track in a rugged package, "Standing O" is a song that is driven by desire to overcome obstacles that others present to you and that you present to yourself.

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To all my obstacles That made this official
This is a Standing O, encores and bravos
For Critical Editorials shitting on the flow
You haters strike a pose you made this Photo

Strap my kids on my back pen and pad in my lap black woman elevated truly favored in my worst times
Even though I write rhymes in social service lines my struggle feeds the message to enlighten souls and minds
Tough times are necessary when goals are legendary cant believe that this is all in vain
Loss gain one in the same and love and pain is whole I’d rather brave the rain then to lose my soul
Work when I can and go to school late
Gotta be present in my home and in my heart but in my heart theres still this part
That keeps on playing the music So everyday I sing a song to the fire cause it only made me strong
They said I couldnt do it til they saw me rock a stage soul stirring pregnant belly nothing to it
I pursue it just because its life its my kids its my man its right its mysoul its my plan the Truth

For my hand shakes like earthquakes turbulence pacing nervousness
Forgot my verse verbalist like memories of herbalist
Mic stage fright nail bite manicure services heckles riffle from grassy knolls of the crowd disturbances
Assassinate hopes murder she wrote before I spoke lumps like oats
Poked and soaked the throat I'm left like artichokes
Clear the gun smoke of the folks I'm left the art of choke
Like Chuck Palahniukh dinner chokes without the Heimlich hoax
Larcenist and plagiarist finger prints on my manuscripts sling shot the catalyst drop the flight of Icarus
Mind minimalist miming mentalist blind oblivious
To their dummy spine's ventriloquist shit on the rhyme riddlist
Promoters bailed renege leaving bread trails retail the tix at wholesale then trick us like we're hoes for sale
Carousel spin gazelles in fine printed veils spelled in braille can't be read or scaled under the finger nail
The Intel details parallel to taking Ls we still prevail para sail Rock the Bells then Cochell(a)

Round of applause for the inspired writer Blocks that conspire to silence my Jeremiahs
For jobs I was fired straddle the fence in dire consequence for hire or call these clocks sire
PA systems signal the ear with astigmatisms the crowd couldn't hear him thought the show was instrumental
Adjust the signal came back and killed'em left the victims
Chopped up with lyricism as if Dexter had did them

Big ups to hateration thanks to feeling complacent without these things Id never know what it is to be patient
Was told just play your roll was bamboozled and pigeon holed to neo soul keep it under control
I never stopped believing im stepping in my season Ive known my reason since a child plant the seed in my child
Pick up my pen begin a revelution Soak the photo in solution and suddenly we appear not afraid of the exposure
Free radical atmosphere Critical view on the flow you haters strike a pose Standing O


from SPEAKERS IN BLACK HOLES, released October 16, 2010



all rights reserved


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