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Beneath the halogen electrics phosphorescent incandescence and fluorescent
Coronas glow angelic halo crescent Magnetic aesthetics syringe poetic injected
You tranquilize my ear's perspective like an anesthetic
In this labyrinth dissected by the epic where the entrance is the exit
Radius the ray in us that's geometric Ciphers that we connected to drum lines isometric
In the sand of brain glands mandalas of the etch-a-sketches
Your vocal box phonetics elevate the mental building blocks to the ceiling crevasse
Like a bad game of Tetris When I first started to check it I couldn't find the nouns in verbs
Sounds in words ground in nerves to Gettysburg Address it I use to watch the noisettes
Cut the noise in sets Battle Adam’s apples fencing bayonettes of breath and text through dialects
Like Montagues and Capulets over this Juliet pose the pros in pirouettes
Froze flows of laureates in silhouettes I've seen niggaz cup you disrespect you looking puzzled
Why the speech of their piece release muffled like they was muzzled From wire to wireless
My lips kiss you like honey suckles From dents to condensers we're a couple I always loved you
Females in the past could never grasp why they thick like blackberry molass(es)
From their thighs calves and ass But under cherry moon Its you my grasp wanted to grab
But when it came to sex or sets I bust this vocab.

I had this crush on this mic Since the first light that you entered to my sight
Since the first night that you enter into my life
Since the verse you recite centered under those spectra bright
Convinced my search there’s no other like love at first sight
I had this crush

I had a crush too
We're meant to be Love eternally The vessel for my souls release Dont ever leave me

I'll talk sweet to you I'll go hard for you baby Sing you a melody Don't ever leave me
This flower's in bloom for you I will sing you every song honey A pretty melody Don't ever leave me
You let me be the sun to your moon You reflect my every frequency Sing you a melody Baby don't ever leave me
You turn me up baby And you cool me down honey Sing you a melody
Please don't ever leave me


from SPEAKERS IN BLACK HOLES, released October 16, 2010



all rights reserved


PhotoSynthesizers Richmond

PhotoSynthesizers by definition are any organisms that use light to cultivate energy. We've embodied that definition and have become “the light in sound”. We create an energy that is undeniable by using natural and industrial components to foster a visual and auditory experience that is both unique and powerful.
Rooted in Rock, Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B and Pop sounds.
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