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    This song could easily be subtitled "The First Book of Photoz" because lyrically it gives the most detailed definition and examination of the bands purpose and sound. If Music is a truly a "religion" as it is to some, being sprinkled by Photosynthesizers' essence is yet another level of spiritual acceleration.

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Make the feet Tap
Make the fingers snap
Hand clap Reacts
Snap The neck front to back
The Boombaptism
Baptism of Booming system
Orchestra of water
submerge in rhythm to heal'em

Ima take you down and dip you in the water
In case you didnt know
This is the Photo order
Sick live instrumentation
Baptized in a heavy sensation
The rhythm hits
Got you slayne in the lyrics
Boom bapped on your brain,
Woulda thought you caught the spirit
Now we got you feeling
Free from manotany
Tronic soul
hip hop,
bionic botany
This music is my body
I invite you to take a ride with me
Make you fingers snap tap
Make you move your feet
Make you sing a hymn in the streets
to Photo beats
I recognized the soul connection
To resurrection
Rise, youve been sprinkled in the water
Music that could never be denied

Yeah, let's take' them to the water y'all
I just wanna take you down
Take a dip in the water
I just wanna take you down
I just wanna be closer to you
So close

Yo! spit sporadic Iactric
Emphatic Ecclesiastics
Re-invent the wheel like Serato
Now spin it backwards
Chromatic Scratches
Sculpt the midnight waxes
Boombastic John the Baptist
Water evangelist
Miracle mantic
Hip holy commandments
Scribble Syllable Vandelist
Chisel Stone tablet tangents
Burn idolatry
Prophesy Into ashes
Opera Of Sumatra
Flood a crowd into Atlantis
Sun is Harriet, Codez is Moses
Exodus areas
Photo the underground railroad
Drown horses and chariots
Minster The Scripture
Pulpit Of lit Various
The mosaic Hebraic
Algebraic Passages
Convert non-believers
To the speaker's Synth sermon
Verse display
Hyper-extend the vertebrae
To exertion Dip you in this ministry
O.B.E. Church Service
Surface the water beads
Fall to mustard seeds Immersion


from SPEAKERS IN BLACK HOLES, released October 16, 2010



all rights reserved


PhotoSynthesizers Richmond

PhotoSynthesizers by definition are any organisms that use light to cultivate energy. We've embodied that definition and have become “the light in sound”. We create an energy that is undeniable by using natural and industrial components to foster a visual and auditory experience that is both unique and powerful.
Rooted in Rock, Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B and Pop sounds.
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